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Your child is in pain and you may feel frustrated and need answers on the appropriate steps to take for help. You have found Adolescent Florida Residential Treatment because you are searching for the answers to your family’s problems and we believe you have come to the right place.

Many parents want to believe their children when they tell them they are not drinking or using drugs and few parents confront their child and give a drug test to find out the truth. The truth is that among teens using marijuana the average age of their first experiment with the drug is 14 years old. Alcohol use can often begin even earlier. If you have seen the warning signs; paraphernalia, friends get into trouble, emotional instability and lingering physical symptoms such as a cough and red eyes it may be time to act.

We want this site to help you make the decision take the next step. Our About page has more information about our beautiful ocean-front facilities and find the answers to common questions on our FAQ page. Here the answers to how we deal with the intermingling of issues of adolescent depression and teen drug rehab or what you can expect from your child after treatment.

You may also have doubts about the benefits of sending your child away to treatment outside you community. Many parents of our young clients felt the same way but it can be a critical step in recovery to remove the substance abuser from the familiar environment and peer influences that were part of his or her substance abuse. A residential treatment center for a troubled teen is effective because it is a highly controlled and safe environment where clients spend all of their time working on their self-destructive behaviors.

Please take a look at our Services page to learn more about how we have structured our program. Our personalized treatment plans are the heart of our program in combination with group therapy, substance abuse education and a wide variety of services that address recovery of mind, body and spirit. We also offer family counseling to open constructive dialogues and can introduce your adolescent to supportive recovery groups that are available in your community for promoting long-term sobriety. We hope to hear from you soon. Don’t give up hope!


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We are not licensed at this time for residential treatment but are providing referrals for these services.

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